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Finding gold with the GPZ and SDC together in CA

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Hey while you AZ guys are sitting inside in the air conditioning trying to stay cool, its nice weather in a lot of the northern part of the mother lode country. Although there is overlap of the detecting seasons in the spring and fall, in the summer when its unbearably hot in the deserts of AZ, its nice up in the shady pines of the Sierra, and when its nice during the winter in AZ, its all buried in snow up this way. So here is the gold I've been getting in various locations in Plumas and Sierra counties in July, August and early September - just going out and prospecting for a few days at a time. I figure I'm probably out digging about 1/3rd of the time.

This is just from my detecting in CA - it does not show about a half ounce of fines and small bits from some days of dry washing nor does it show the gold I have detected in Nevada.

All of this gold was detected using either the GPZ 7000 or the SDC 2300 - I find I am using both. I use the GPZ in areas with more open country and little in the way of trash, and the SDC 2300 when I am in trashy areas. The SDC does not have iron discrimination, but its faster to pinpoint and get the trash out of the ground when you are digging a lot of targets and you may find multiple trash targets in a single swing of the coil. The two make a great team.

The largest nuggets across the top are 0.52, 1.10 and 0.41 troy ounces from left to right. Finding these big guys was very exciting - though every one is a joy to discover.

Just reminding you that its still out there to be found and as the weather cools off over in AZ, you guys will be out finding it in the hills soon. Just thought you'd want to see some to remember what it looks like.



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WTG Chris ... That sure would make a nice down payment on a truck for me! :)

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This is fantastic Chris! :lol: Just the sort of inspiration needed while us living in AZ and other desert areas are waiting for the weather to finally turn. I don't think we are far off...The new finds are awesome; gotta love that beautiful butter yellow color. Thanks for sharing and definitely keep it up! ;)

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