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This is the stuff dreams are made of! The folks at Nugget Finder just sent me this photo today. This massive 72-ounce pile of gold nuggets was all dug off the same patch using the Minelab GPX 5000 coupled with the new 15” Evolution Super-Lite Coil! It took the lucky finder about 2 weeks to clean up the discovery. The biggest piece of the patch weighed in at 6-ounces, and most everything was deep…


What an incredible find! :) A big thanks to our friends down under for sharing this testimonial. More information about the new 15” EVO’s can be found on the AZO website.



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Ironmike, years ago I used to live at the top of the Bradshaw Mountains on an old patented gold mine and I used to see those exact helicopters flying over from time to time. They used to fly so low it almost looked like they would get that loop hung up in the trees. I don't know much about the process, but I assumed they were probably looking at the belts of magnetic minerals (like iron oxides) that cut through that country.


Tom, the coil in this photo is obviously not the one used to find the gold. I believe the guys were shooting some photos for brochures or a new ad.


Fred, seeing that beautiful Aussie gold is tough! It's been way too long and I am itching to go. Now that my daughter is a little older I think she could be ready for a trip to the goldfields..keeping my fingers crossed for next summer.

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Hi Kyle,


I second what all the others have already said...You have found enough to already know that hard work & persistence are the best guarantee for finding gold. It was true a 1,000 years ago, and still true today.

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Beats me...If I could predict the future I'd buy a Lotto ticket instead of selling metal detectors! :P In all seriousness, I have found gold from every old patch I have taken my EVO coils to. And most of the folks that have already bought them tell me the same thing. Below is some of the gold I've taken so far with the 12" EVO off old ground. Nothing monster, but I wouldn't toss any of them back.


In my opinion, the Evolution are the best coils I have ever used. I haven't gotten rich by re-running my old patches with them, but I am finding gold, and more importantly, having some fun. If you are in doubt, don't buy one now. I am confident that come this winter we will start seeing a whole lot more finds and testimonials showing up on the forums. Maybe that feedback will help you decide. As always - happy hunting!


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