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Before the last big storm that brought so much snow and rain to Arizona’s high country, I was able to get meet up with some customers at the claims for field training. John came up from southern Arizona, while Perry drove down from Colorado to pick up his brand new GPZ 7000. Although not entirely new to prospecting, neither had spent a tremendous amount of time swinging detectors. After explaining how to adjust and tune their machines, the guys were eager to get hunting. We focused our efforts on a spot that had given me nuggets in the past. The ground was highly mineralized and a great place for them to really learn the different sounds caused from true targets vs. those caused from the ground. There had always been a lot of bird shot and lead, so I knew there was a good chance a few pieces would still be lurking about. John didn’t score, but Perry got a nice mellow signal on the hillside right before it dropped off into a wash. The target was small and took a few minutes to pin-point, but it was worth the effort. As he sifted through the dirt we caught a glimpse of his very first detected nugget!!! :lol: It weighed less than a gram, but it gave him the confidence that if he walked over gold he would find it…They were some great guys and I want to thank them again for the business and for an enjoyable day out in the goldfields. I look forward to seeing more of their finds real soon.





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