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Chris, demonstrating his usual excellent customer service, delivers a brand spanking new Nokta Impact TO MY OFFICE last Friday! Thanks Chris!!!


I was able to take it out for a couple of hours both Saturday and Sunday afternoon. I have about four hours on it thus far. I took it to a post Civil War Calvary camp that has been heavily hunted. The last few hunts here have not turned up much.


I started with the large coil mounted to the Impact in 20 kHz. The site is VERY trashy. I was able to recover a couple of pieces of lead with the large coil. I took a water break at a pile of stacked rock and bricks in a small area that had given up some goodies in the past and had been hunted hard by different operators and machines. I decided to switch to the small coil and see if it could pick out any good stuff from the heavy iron.

The coil switch was like magic! I hunted in DI3, 14 kHz, sens 80, zero disc. This combo separates the good from the bad like no other. Very fast recovery with good clean audio. Here are my finds from a couple of two hour hunts...

post-36139-0-81776000-1493087537_thumb.jpg post-36139-0-26813100-1493087562_thumb.jpg post-36139-0-25274000-1493087588_thumb.jpg

Ox shoes are common here. I found a few both days. Rescued this one. Three Yankee Colt .45 dropped bullets. A copper do-dad.


post-36139-0-68389800-1493087627_thumb.jpg post-36139-0-88113100-1493087646_thumb.jpg post-36139-0-15473300-1493087887_thumb.jpg

Demolished ax head. Henry rim fire pistol case. And, the best for last...Calvary Eagle coat button!


So, with only a few hours on the Impact thus far, I give it a two thumbs up! Transitioning to this machine has been easy for me as I have both the Fors CoRe and the Fors Relic. Hoping to put more time on the Impact soon in different sites and put it through it's paces.



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Hey Dean, I am excited by your first test drive with the Impact. From my experience at that location, it can be super challenging in places and most all the "good" easy targets are long gone. So seeing these finds, especially that incredible button, gives me a lot of hope for this new machine. Thank you for sharing your initial thoughts with us & congrats! :) Please keep us posted on any other field tests.


P.S. I was able to give the Impact a quick run over the weekend at a spot I've hunted before with my CTX 3030. I didn't come up with anything quite as cool, but a few finds nonetheless. I netted a few buttons, a clasp of some sort, a harmonica reed, and the brown thing in the bottom left which I call the "candy bar", is actually a solid chunk of copper. I'm not sure what the iron piece with writing came off of. Any ideas?


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