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Hi All,


I wanted to share this incredible find made by a friend of mine back east. It’s not gold, but I thought it was so cool I just had to post it. Here is the information he sent me and some photos below. And here I thought the 1920 Wheat cent I detected the other day was old!!! :P


Congratulations Bruce and thank you so much for sharing with all of us!


"Hi Chris, this coin was lost on July 31, 1715 in the Spanish fleets' hurricane disaster; and found on April 8,2017 with my Minelab almost 302 years later. It's not often you know when something this old was lost! This coin was made in Spain, and the common mans’ change. It took 34 maravedis in denomination to equal a one reale [silver]. One side has roman numeral [ 1111 ] four, and most of PHILI [P] , in the legend for the king of Spain. The other side has a date of 165 [2] ,most likely, and a counterstamp below the year at the edge. That was one of the years when Spain was restamping these coins in circulation and raising their value...”


-Bruce Eistedt



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