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I do not know if this has been discussed on the forum previously and I missed it but is there any danger to your detector or coil getting a super magnet to close?

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I'm interested in the answer.


I'm not sure what you mean by a super magnet, but I think you mean a neodymium magnet. Many put that at the end of the digging pick when we dig. Sometimes my pick and magnet set the detector off when I'm digging a target. This happens for my Minelab VLF and PI.


I definitely keep it away from the electronics box, but then again, I hang my pick at my side on my belt, so I'm sure it gets close.


I still dig up about 50 targets a in about 4 - 6 hours.

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I have not read any warning regarding rare earth magnets and damage to coils...or detectors. That said, I never pass the magnets close to the control box...if there is any iron in the thing it will try to move it...that can't be good.


I don't worry much about the coil as it has windings of copper or non-ferrous material...I suppose the magnet could induce some current into the windings...

Hmmmm, maybe some one that actually knows these things will reply...we all want to know!


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