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A friend of mine sent over this photo today and said it was ok to share with everyone here. My eyes about popped out of my head when I opened up the photo! I can’t remember all the weights, but I believe the biggest piece is about 6.5-ounces! :lol: All of this was gold was found with a metal detector in the USA, however he just set it on the Gold Monster coil for display purposes. This is a wonderful spread of nuggets and I really appreciate him sharing it. Keep us posted with any new finds..


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Accomplished nugget hunter for sure! Great advt for GM1000 even if they weren't found with it! ;) However I am sure it is capable of doing it!!!


Mike F

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Nice nuggets, but false advertising.


Aw come on Adam. Those nuggets could have been found with a ... well take your pick:

  • Bounty Hunter
  • Walmart lawnmower
  • a smart dog
  • GB2
  • my patent pending gold magnet

Would it be false advertising if they were shown on top of a Lawn Dart package or a loaf of bread?

The fact that they are sitting on a new $1,000 vlf is probably just a coincidence. :)

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To set the story straight, this is my gold monster the nuggets are sitting on. The nuggets are not mine. They belong to a friend of mine who bought them from a decrease friend of ours. All but the middle right nugget were found in Montana. The guy who found these typically used minlabs and for smaller gold he used a gold bug 2 and Eureka gold. It is not false advertising. It was just a nice place to set the nuggets for a picture when we were in the field detecting while we stopped for a break. As for the negative comments about the monster being a flop, I assure you it is not. I have found 18 tiny nuggets over two trips out detecting. This last trip yeilded 10 of the 18. Of the ten, 6 were found this past Saturday and the next day I found four. The average depth on these tiny nugget was 5-6 inches. Some were sitting under 2-3" slabs of bedrock after I moved away all material sitting on top of the bedrock. I will post a pick and a thread today.

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Im not at liberty to share why he had them with him. Sorry, but that could bring unwanted attention his way.

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