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A good friend of mine surprised me this past weekend with a really cool gift. Check out what he found while poking around an abandoned hard rock mine in California. It is a 2 lb. can of calcium carbide made by Union Carbide. Even better, the can is still intact and full! He thought it would make a great addition to my growing collection of mining memorabilia, and it does. Thanks again Craig!



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Hi Chris!

Enoch - 2 pounds of carbide.  Maybe you can spare a little so i can fire up a couple of carbide lamps I found.  Here is a picture of one of the lamps I found and a couple others you might not have seen before.  I believe the small lamp ran on coal oil and the other I found out was a candle holder they could hang or shove into a crack.  Cool finds.  Maybe you or some of the other members could post some of there mine finds.  Cheers!


mining lamps pics.JPG

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