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Yahoo i just gave Chris my debit card for the purchase of the that smoking deal on the never used GPX5000 in the classifieds. I have to say Chris has great service and is great to work with. I also picked up a 12” nugget finder round Evo for it. For the really fine gold here. I don’t think I ever had so good of a purchase as I have had with Chris. Great guy very knowledgeable and friendly. What a pleasure.

Thank you Chris for all you do, and going the extra mile.

CH Perdue   

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8 hours ago, Ridge Runner said:

A killer deal like that just don’t last long and it didn’t.

Well that shot down that Birthday gift for me . Oh well it’s in good hands now.


Gee Chuck sorry about snatching your birthday present. I been looking for just this very detector for about a month. Looks like I’ll have it for the spring trip out to Rye patch. Never really found much out there with either the 4000 or the TDI. Dug a lot of holes out there but never any of that Rye patch gold I have a birthday next mouth myself.

Again sorry


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Hi CH,

I wanted to let you know your new detector was shipped out last week and should be there soon. You are really going to love the 5000. I put one of my instructional videos in there, but don't hesitate to call me if you have any questions at all. I also wanted to thank you for the kind words, that really means a lot. You just made my week! :) Thanks again for the business and good luck!

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