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Any thing out there like the old LR2000 to search new and old claims?

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Hi Dave,

I use MineCache > you can get a one year subscription at MineCache.com.      MineCache applies as a layer to GoogleEarth...  it’s  updated regularly and. Has “Active Claims” and also... “Closed Claims”  And being that it’s a layer in GoogleEarth... I can lay my GPS tracks on top of it & USGS Geologic Maps in one location  and then I can transfer all that data to Garmin inReach And onX Maps for use out in the field.     I rarely use LR 2000 .   


Happy Prospecting!


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Hi Joe,  Good Question,  I just replaced the Ramp carrier (Which Failed) and the Ramp style was really a pain to put on and take off!!!!  


I was never really happy with the Ramp Style Carrier and after nearly losing it on a prospecting trip 180 miles from my home... i was not going to buy another one!!! I thought about buying a trailer... but to get into the areas where I go... Ground clearance was a major issue!   After doing some research I  replaced it with a Hydraulic Carrier Called the “MXHauler” it is very beefy!!! much better material and construction than the Ramp style that failed.


I had to Modify it to fit the Rokon... I also Ordered an "extra Mounting bolt" to now have three bolts that attaches the Rokon’s frame firmly to the MXhauler  (see photos below) 


Cut a Slot into the Fiberglass cover to access the Frame... (Above)


Added two new mounting Locations  to the MXhauler (Above)


Now sitting on my 4X4 SUV it rides much Higher up... and has much (Better clearance!)  and also it is much more stable than the Ramp Style Carrier was!!! But, saying that does not mean  that I am not going to blast down rough rocky roads...   


 And As for the ease of use... it is like night & day!!!!.... It is so much easier to unload the Rokon & to Load it back up on to the vehicle !!!!    Honestly the Ramp style really sucked in so many ways!!!    My Rokon weighs 240lbs and with the Three bolts no issues or thoughts that it is going to fail at all.    

The Only issue I found being that now that the Rokon is Higher up.... It now blocks my taillights on the back of my vehicle...  but, the solution is simple... you can add magnetic trailer lights the plug those into your Trailer light plug!

( That.... though would be a major issue if you were thinking about mounting the Rokon on the Front of your vehicle.. then it would block the headlights. )



'A major side benefit to the MXhauler >  With the MXhauler ~You can now work in the Rokon and Run the Rokon while bolted  safely on the MXhauler... where as I couldn’t do that either easily or safely before. So that's a real plus!!! 

Since I have had the MXhauler I have easily replaced both drive chains and removed both wheels to get new tires and serviced the Rokon clutch and did everything while bolted to the MXhauler.  Working on it is so much easer now that it's up high that it ever was working on it sitting on the ground!!!!  You can even put the Rokon in gear..., and take it up to top speed all while bolted safely up on the back of your vehicle!!!  And check for noises and vibrations it is extremely helpful !!!


So Joe, If you decide to get one of these... I can trace a template so you can Drill the Holes and do the same modifications so it will fit your Rokon too. 


All the Best 



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Gerard , thank you so much!!! That's what I'm going to buy . I have had the same experience dropping mine off my ramp style carrier granted it was rough going where I was but sucked none the less. Also the carrier I been using weighs 100 lbs & ratchet straps suck. Man I really appreciate your post & advice!!!! Thank you so much!!! Have a wonderfull evening and lots of yellow in your future!!!! Joe.

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