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Well a new to me 9x15 NF Advantage (Thanks Chris !) on the GPX4500  gave me the "nod" to go ahead an dig these 3 nug"lets" out of a small drainage Past the scattered hot rocks, thru the dried slough on top,  into the red iron rich decomposed hard pack granite well below the surface.
Total weight is 1.1 gram. A nice heart shaped "cornflake" and 2 rock "ettes" .
I'm not getn out as much as I used to, BUT its like that Toby Keith song , I ain't as good as I once wuz ! But I'm as good once as I ever wuz !
After this outing I know a nice "biggie" is out there waiting for me to swing over her !
Till next time.......
Hapy Huntn.


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