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Merry Christmas to you Chris and your family too!  Hoping for better times ahead for everyone out there....   
Even if.... everything around us continues to (go south) as we have all witnessed this year... One thing that I do know 100% for sure...Is that when I am out prospecting surrounded in the vastness of nature’s beauty.... Regardless of all the Worlds self induced problems Greed, Wars & GreatReset Pandemic Lockdowns...    When.. I am Outside Standing with my Detector and my pick in hand.... I am a million miles away from all of that Ugliness & Corruption !!!!      Surrounded by the real riches I get from being out there....  is more treasure than a little gold metal... THE TRUE RICHES.... is standing there... And  knowing I am connected and a part of that land & All that Creation & Beauty that surrounds me!  
My New Years Resolution for 2021:

The Last day the year..(today)!!!!   After 6 long months of my rig being in the shop... My mechanic and I today Finally got the Flywheel & Clutch back in my IVECO EarthCruiser...Next week it’s off to the paint booth !!!  

So... My New Years Resolution for 2012:       IS..... Being out on the Gold....all those days I didn’t get out an missed in 2020!!! and  getting out in the MaxMax-RV even more in 2021...🙂

Peace and Nuggets to everyone!
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