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Doc purchased a DeLorean apparently, quickest shipping I've seen in my life... GPX 6000

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I've seen some quick shipping in my day but Doc (https://docsdetecting.com/) defied the laws of physics yesterday.... WOW.... I called him yesterday around lunch time, confirmed he had stock on a GPX 6000, 17" elliptical coil, and his cover set, he had stock..... gave him my credit card number and within minutes he sent me a text that he was on the way to the post office, it arrived at my mail box in Gold Basin around noon today..... I'm absolutely blown away how fast Doc shipped this, thank you Doc, and thank you for the numerous calls we had where you shared your guidance regarding where it would fit in my current harem of 2300, 4500, 5000 and 7000. Till we spoke I had no interest in adding but you pointed out some advantages, that I had not thought of (I'm having some arm surgery and the light weight will get me back out on the gold fields where till now I've been in too much pain to swing anything), your guidance closed the deal and I'm super excited to get back out on the fields. 

I know Chris ships fast as well, I've bragged about it on here but Doc, you and your time machine took it to an entirely new level, thank you...


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3 minutes ago, Dbado1 said:

Congratulations on your purchase, Jen! You are gonna love this machine. I've only been out twice with mine so far and I am blown away by the thing. Happy hunting!


Thanks Dean, yea I didn't have much choice, I am getting arm surgery for a work related item so it was this or stay out of the gold fields and we both know that never works.. LOL

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