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What's that sound? An awesome option to your GPX 6000 Speaker/Ear Bugs Selection

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Ok kids... boy do I have a treat for you... I just got back from a trip to Doc's secret lab in Las Vegas.... while I was there I picked up a special little item... it's charging at the moment... but I'll have a little write up in the next few days, once I pair it with the GPX 6000 and have a chance to use it... oh boys n goyles... I think you're gonna like this little gem...... stay tuned... this is a game changer for those of us who hate typical headphones.



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Well it's time to show what's behind the curtain... and I LOVE it......

Most of you recall from my long ago days (2009/2010) that I come from BC, we don't wear headphones in BC, lest you get a bear or grizzly tap on your shoulder. For 10+ years I've NEVER felt comfortable in headphones, now moving to Arizona, I don't wear them for fear of stepping on a rattler or the ongoing discomfort from the heat and sweaty ears.

I know full well I've missed gold, walked away from subtle targets as the area I detect can be dead calm one second and windy the next.. so if using a speaker, more than once I've stopped and just yelled at the clouds "Are you done yet" (usually adding a few expletives in the process).

I've owned this new GPX 6000 less than 4 days and have been looking far and wide for an alternative to the wonderful bluetooth headphones it comes with (anyone wanna buy some Koss UR-40's, we all have a closet full of them). I tried my new $250.00 Apple Airpod Pro's... NOT LOW LATENCY.... sigh... so continued my search.... I mentioned to Doc that I was looking for an alternative to headphones without doing the old speaker on the chest routine we all know and love from our GPX days.... he left the room and came back with this.... and I recognized it as what was hanging around his neck...... full bluetooth LOW LATENCY (see photo of control head icon), loud speakers under each ear, crisp and clear, no sweaty ears and get this... when the wind picks up.... you can pull out ear buds from the ends, flip a switch and you've cut out all wind and hear your threshold like you had full ear muff coverage.... I laid a pair around my neck, they felt great, fired up the GPX 6000, did a quick pair, tried the ear buds and was sold.....please take my money Doc, please take my money.. LOL

If you're looking for an AWESOME option for when you want to hear close to your ear and have the ear bud option for wind or other outside noise elimination/reduction AND IT'S LOW LATENCY.... reach out to Doc... I'm not sure if they're on his site yet: https://docsdetecting.com/

PS: He says they're also incredible for using with your smart TV for surround sound, I imagine they would be... I have not tried but they really are the cats meow for use with your GPX 6000....

Thank you Doc, great product.

PS #2: I paid full price for this item, this is not a paid endorsement in any way... I just really appreciate quality... if you have any doubt how awesome these are, check out the Amazon reviews, how often do you see this many positive reviews... but please, Doc has done so much for our community, look on Amazon but please support him, he supports us and the price is the same!!!!


The thing I love most about these is that after turning the detector on, then these speaker/headphones, they automatically connected. The headphones that came with the detector did not want to connect/pair and it took about 2 minutes of button pushing on both the detector and the stock headphones to get them to bluetooth pair, these ones just connected automatically and verbally said (in a voice) that they were connected... very cool.

Thanks for listening.... give these a try, they fit a unique niche, they sure fit mine...






low latency.jpg

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  • Jennifer Bond changed the title to What's that sound? An awesome option to your GPX 6000 Speaker/Ear Bugs Selection

I just purchased this item as well to see how it works connected to the GPX-5000, GPX-7000 and the Steelphase SP-01. It would be awesome if this allowed these headphones/shoulder speaker to work across our full collection of detectors. I'll let you all know how it works re latency etc. https://www.amazon.com/Bluetooth-Transmitter-Receiver-Wireless-Audio/dp/B09CYD2D99/ref=sr_1_4?crid=14YPSQPZXXZ37&dchild=1&keywords=aptx+hd+transmitter&qid=1631822172&s=electronics&sprefix=aptX+HD+tran%2Celectronics%2C235&sr=1-4


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