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Hi all, does anyone have any feedback or suggestions about garrets infinium PI.....will it work in AZ....or better to go with lower end minelab.......finances are a little tight.......I have GB1....& minelab Klondike....want a PI.....any advice appreciated.......wrongway

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Actually the Infinium is not a bad unit, they did have some search coil issues but I think they have gotten that pretty much straightened out, lots of different coils for it and if you were not exclusively a gold hunter the underwater option makes it a realistic choice. Having said that if you just hunt for nuggets, for the money there are some better alternatives, if you can try before you buy so you know what you are getting into...Geo

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If it is gold prospecting only I'd go with the Minelab. If on a budget, get a new SD2100v2 or if that is too much get a used SD.


The Infinium is better than the Minelab crowd gives it credit for. An Infinium with stock 14" x 10" DD coil gives an SD with the stock 11" round DD a fair run for the money. I use the Infinium at my mine at Moore Creek as the unit we provide people who do not bring their own detector to our "pay-to-mine" operation. We chose it because A. it is relatively inexpensive brand new B. It has few controls for a novice to screw up and C. It is waterproof and so resisits our heavy rains or even being dropped in a pond of stream. All in all they have been good units and found lots of gold at Moore Creek. The last time I was there with seeker a novice detectorist from Canada found several ounces of gold with a loaner Infinium in a few days.


But ultimately the Minelab units have more adjustments and more coils to choose from. Any coils you invest in will work on any later models you may upgrade to. Later Minelab units will easily hit smaller gold an Infinium will miss. Unless having the unit waterproof is a big deal go with the Minelab.


Steve Herschbach

Moore Creek Mining LLC

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